It’s Carers Week from 7 to 13 June and we deeply appreciate the efforts of all carers, as they go out of their way in looking after a family member, a friend with a disability, people with physical or mental illness or someone who needs extra help as they grow older.
We are also very thankful to all our colleagues, especially Health Advisors and Clinical Advisors in our NHS 111 services who have supported carers with advice and information to tackle difficult situations.
The UK has 6.5 million people who are carers, and many of them are going through a challenging time due to the pandemic. We’re coming together during these times to help Make Caring Visible and Valued. We can do our bit by respecting all they are doing. We are proud of our contribution to recognise their efforts and provide them with the right support whenever they need it.
Why not reach out and have a conversation with someone you know is caring? You can also spread the word about Carers Week on social media using the hashtag #CarersWeek