Ioana Butnaru shares her experience from starting as a District Nurse Call Handler and Central Booker to Network Support Engineer     

As an NHS 111 provider renowned for paving the way with new technologies, our strong IT team is at the core of a lot of what we do. With the onset of the pandemic and a move to homeworking for a large number of colleagues, the team was even more in demand than before. Ioana Butnaru, a Network Support Engineer, shares her journey at HUC with us and tells us more about her current role.

Ioana joined HUC in 2016, “I experienced several different fields before settling into my current role,” explains Ioana. “I have had an interest in IT from a young age and decided to pursue this at University by completing a Computer Science degree. But then I moved on to completing a course in Events Management and subsequently worked in the hotel industry.”

In the 5 years since she joined us, Ioana has become a perfect example for the opportunities for personal development available at HUC. “Initially, I was a District Nurse Call Handler and Central Booker, but then managed the jump to becoming an IT Assistant,” she says. She says proudly “I’ve learnt a lot throughout all of my roles here but within the IT team I had the opportunity to further expand my knowledge by completing an IT Engineer apprenticeship, which I found extremely helpful. I am really proud of everything I have achieved so far.”

Working within the IT Team means you must be prepared for challenges at any point during the day – and the environment is very fast paced. “Some days are more intense than others, depending on the issues which arise. It can be a bit overwhelming at times. However, my colleagues are very supportive, we get on well and we work as a team,” she says.

Ioana loves working at HUC. “It is a fantastic organisation – there are endless opportunities to grow within your role and colleagues are very approachable, friendly and ready to help.”

What would you say are the most important qualities required to be part of the IT team? “You have to be able to work under pressure and hit the ground running because you don’t know what sort of enquiries you will receive throughout the day,” answers Ioana. “You also have to be a people person, have a passion for what you do and love your job, because this is what gets you through busy times,” she adds.

Since the start of the Annual Staff Awards, Ioana has been nominated every year – which goes to show not only how well she is known throughout the organisation, but also how much her contributions are recognised by others. “Last year for example I was nominated for the Unsung Hero award, and that was probably one of my proudest moments at HUC. It just makes you feel appreciated and your work is valued. I feel very grateful,” she says.