At HUC, we share our commitment to delivering high quality care to all our patients. One important check whether we are achieving that aspiration are the regular inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In September, the Town Centre Surgery team in Luton prepared for such a visit and has been since rated “Good”. This week, we speak to Faye Walsh, Deputy Practice Manager to learn more about the recent visit, the important part teamwork played and her journey so far at HUC.

Faye’s is one of many success stories at HUC. She joined as a Receptionist in Luton less than four years ago in January 2018, only half a year after HUC had taken over management of the surgery. Since then, Faye has worked as an Administrator and a Summariser. As such, she was responsible for updating patient notes, maintaining digital records and ensuring key medical conditions were coded correctly. Faye has always set her ambitions high and wanted to progress into a managerial position. In her opinion, to do so she felt she needed to wholly understand the way the surgery operated.

Knowing the surgery inside out also means she can support her colleagues better as a manager. “What is crucial to me is that colleagues feel like they are involved and that their contribution will always be at the heart of our success.” One of the key elements to supporting her colleagues are regular 1 to 1’s. “Our door is always open, so anyone can come in and have a chat at any time. I have a good relationship with everyone and want to make sure they are happy,” Faye adds.

As reflected in our corporate values, collaboration and teamwork play a huge part in achieving that high quality of care. For the recent CQC inspection, the team at the Town Centre Surgery worked alongside colleagues across the wider organisation, going above and beyond, taking pride in showcasing the important work we do together every day. ‘Teamwork is massive. Nobody here can do their job on their own regardless of which area they work in. All our colleagues rely on each other, and if we didn’t have a strong team, we wouldn’t be able to achieve much, regardless of how strong our strongest person is,’ Faye says.

The accomplishment of the ‘Good’ rating is Faye’s proudest moment since working for HUC. “It meant our hard work paid off, the rating gives our patients confidence and our colleagues feel like they have something really tangible to show for all their work,’ she reflects.

When asked what she enjoys in her management role, Faye says, “I like that every day is different, you never know what to expect or what will come your way and you have to be able to adapt and take on the challenge.”

In almost 4 years working at HUC, Faye feels like she is making a greater contribution to the organisation than ever before. “I enjoy working for HUC because everyone is friendly. Even if you don’t know someone’s face, you can still go to them for help, and they will be ready to support you. For example, I am still learning processes within my role, and my line manager who is the Practice Manager, as well as the Clinical Lead at the surgery and Associate Director for Service Delivery and Performance are always on hand ready to assist me,” Faye explains.

Faye is still passionate about her personal development and continues to have a keen interest in expanding her skillset and knowledge through training HUC provides. Faye recently completely the IOSH safety management course, which gives managers the knowledge and skills they need to manage health and safety within their workplace. ‘The IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) management course I thought was particular useful and enjoyable. It is also a huge qualification for H&S. I am grateful to HUC for giving me the opportunity to complete it,’ she concludes.