Our Out of Hours services work closely together with our NHS 111 services, ensuring patients receive the right care even when their GP practices are closed. Nurses, GPs, drivers and receptionists are at hand if clinically necessary to see patients face to face or via a video consultation. Beverley Knott works a dual role as Driver/Receptionist at our treatment centres in Wisbech, Ely and Doddington. She shares her experience working in the evenings and at weekends.

When patients call NHS 111, our call handlers undertake an assessment to ensure they are seen in the right place for their healthcare needs. If the patient needs to be seen before their GP practice opens, we can book an appointment at one of our many treatment centres in the areas we serve. Once they arrive, they may will be greeted by one of our colleagues like Beverley Knott.

“I have worked with HUC for nearly four years and my experience has been very rewarding. I have another job (in a different field), but I really look forward to working my HUC shifts in the evenings and at weekends – and the additional income,” she laughs. “We all work very smoothly together, even during the Out of Hours, everything is managed and coordinated well,” she adds.

“My role mainly involves supporting the doctor or nurse with their duties. Depending on the situation, I’m there at the reception when patients come in or I get everything ready in the car if we have to go on a home visit,” she explains. “It is really important that we have all the essential equipment in the car for all eventualities. That’s a really important part of my job – plus driving the GP to the patient.”

Beverley is proud that she makes a difference to the patient communities we serve. “A lot of patients are very grateful when GPs visit them. The elderly find it particularly reassuring as not everyone gets to grip with video calls,” she says.

“More people are coming to the Out-of-Hours now than at the height of COVID-19, so we are still very busy,” she says.

“As a receptionist, we get to the centre before the doctor and ensure that the consultation room is ready. They’ve got a trolley full of equipment, so we need to check everything is in place, clean and tidy, and the computer is working. As part of reception duties, when patients come to the base you greet them, book them in, answer any questions they have and then show them the way to the doctor,” she explains.

Beverley enjoys working at HUC and feels everyone is very warm and friendly, almost like a family. “Everyone is very helpful towards one another. It’s like we are all in one boat and pushing in the same direction to say we want to do the best for the community we work in. What I really like about HUC as an organisation is that they are always thinking ahead. They think about their staff, even in bad times we got a bonus, and our work is acknowledged. It just feels like everyone really cares,” she concludes.