A message from HUC’s Chief Executive Officer, David Archer

I am delighted to announce that from 15 February, we will be moving away from our
geographically linked name Herts Urgent Care and will be known as HUC. While
Herts Urgent Care will remain our legal name, all other references except those in
contracts will be dropped.

When we were first formed in 2007, Herts Urgent Care was a small local GP
cooperation operating solely in Hertfordshire. Since then, we have gone from
strength to strength and have grown to be the successful urgent and primary care
provider we are today, spanning four counties and continuing to grow.

Thanks to our hard working and dedicated staff we have always worked closely with
our local communities, NHS systems partners, commissioners, and national industry
bodies to deliver services on a regional basis. As a result, we are no longer a
Hertfordshire centric organisation, and that should now be reflected in our name.

Email addresses

In line with this change, our email addresses will also change from 15 February as
our domain moves from the previous @hertsurgentcare.nhs.uk to @huc.nhs.uk.
Please make sure that any emails to our teams and colleagues are sent to the new
email addresses only. The same style applies as before, i.e.
firstname.lastname@huc.nhs.uk or, if you are emailing to an inbox such as
Communications, communications@huc.nhs.uk. Due to NHS DNS regulations, our
old domain will be switched off after 15 March 2021, which means any emails sent
using the old email addresses will bounce after that date. Please help us continue to
communicate smoothly by updating your records and circulating this announcement
within your organisations and stakeholder groups.

I am excited by this important step as we evolve further as an organisation. We will
continue to provide the high quality care we are known for, working closely with the
communities we serve. Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,
David Archer