As no two Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are the same and because the needs of the population vary, we have developed a menu of support options that can help.

As providers of both Urgent and Primary Care services we understand what is being asked of PCNs and the scale of what is required to deliver so many elements successfully. We are here to help your PCN achieve its full potential by developing solutions to provide tailored services for your local circumstances and requirements.

We can offer various options to help with delivery of the Designated Enhanced Service Specifications (DES) and to best support the patients in your communities and your clinicians. We will work with you to develop any one of the services listed below, or equally would be interested in developing concepts and ideas you may have, to support your patients, and that are tailored to your locality. In every case, our approach is to help you to build the services you need, to work successfully across your system, helping to develop a high performing PCN.

Service opportunities include:

• Enhanced Health in Care Homes
• Structured Medication Reviews
• Extended Access
• Back Office Support
• Acute In-Hours Visiting Service

We work in close partnership with PCNs and appropriate partners and can be involved as much as is required by you and your team. We can offer support on an interim, long-term, or short-term basis, explore piloting new ideas with you, or deliver entire elements of services for your patients and member practices.

We pride ourselves on delivering services that can really help your member practices and PCNs by providing great clinical services and by reducing individual workloads, increasing capacity, and allowing both clinical and non-clinical staff to focus on their priorities. Services will be delivered in a collaborative, proactive, professional, and safe way providing a seamless service for your patients.

If you are interested in discussing a bespoke solution for your local area, please contact us on