At HUC, we are committed to asking our patients and our local community to be actively involved in shaping our services. You hold a valued role in influencing your own care and treatment and you assist us in developing our services.


Thank you for helping us and for supporting our vision that the patient is at the heart of HUC providing out-of-hospital care.

We know that to continue to offer quality Integrated Urgent Care and Primary Care Services, a key element is to continue to listen to you, and to respond to your feedback regarding your healthcare needs and the service you received while in our care.

Response to patient feedback

"The waiting time for appointments at your bases is too long"

Waiting times are reviewed constantly by HUC and commissioners. Patients are seen in order of clinical need and this can increase waiting times for others. HUC has increased staffing levels at weekends to try and reduce delays.

"The process for getting an emergency dental appointment at the weekend is lengthy"

Dental patients who called the service on a Friday or Saturday evening for an emergency dental appointment the next day were required to call back again the following morning and go through further assessment. Patients who require dental treatment are now put onto a separate list so that they receive a call from a dental nurse who arranges an appointment without requiring the patient to phone NHS 111 again.

"I received a call in the early hours of the morning with my blood test results"

Patients who have blood tests requested by their own GP during the day may need to be contacted Out of Hours when their results are known for urgent medical attention. When HUC received cases from pathology labs regarding blood/lab tests, GP’s were calling patients in the middle of the night to advise them accordingly. It has been found that most of these cases were not urgent and the patient did not need to be called in the early hours of the morning. GP’s are now asked to review individual cases carefully and pass to patients own GP for a follow up call the next day if not urgent.

"A copy of my assessment was sent to my GP when I had requested non disclosure"

Patient consent regarding disclosure should be asked following the 111 call and by the GP if a patient is transferred to Out of Hours. A system has now been put in place to ensure GP’s must ask the patient about disclosure so that patient wishes, with respect to their confidentiality, are respected.

Give us your opinion

If you would like to let us know about your experience using our services, you can complete our online feedback form.

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